Sep 13

Plastic mass – a new exhibition in the Russian museum of art

Plastic Mass: sculptures made of plastic, foam, latex and other polymeric materials! On the 22nd August the Russian Museum has started on a new exhibition showing works of Russian artists of the XX -XXI centuries.

The exposition held in the Marble palace features more than 70 works by 30 artists from Moscow and St Petersburg. Visitors can admire art works by Alexandra Frolova, abstract fiberglass masterpieces by Sergey Borisov, foam compositions of Sergey Shekhovtsov. Some artpieces are more futuristic, while others, on the contrary, turn more to ancient classics.

At the turn of the XX century the popularity of new avant-garde trends in art and the popularity of ready-made factory objects completely changed the idea of art and, thus, of what an art piece should be. The scientific revolution and the development of industrial technologies allowed artists to use new materials: various types of plastics, composite mixtures, etc.

By demonstrating these tendencies, the exhibition reveals a complex and vivid, fascinating picture of progress in life and art, where the new technologies have an important effect on mental outlook and perception of our contemporaries.


Address: Millionnaya, d. 5/1, Marble palace

Nearest metro: Nevsky Avenue

Working hours:

Tuesday Day Off

Wednesday, Friday,Saturday, Sunday 10: 00-18: 00

Thursday 13: 00-21: 00

( 22nd August – 21st October 2019)

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