Feb 13

Dresden opera ball in St Petersburg

Dresden opera ball, one of the main musical events in Europe will take place in St Petersburg this summer.

It will be held on the stages of Mikhailovsky Theater and Philharmonic society called after Shostakovich. About 300 tickets have been already purchased by German guests.

The Dresden Opera Ball started in 1925 and was held eight times from 1925 up to 1939. Because of the World War II the tradition of Dresden Opera Ball was stopped. In 2006 in the memory of 800-year anniversary of Dresden this grand opera event was revived due to the actions of its artistic director Hans-Joachim Frey.

“It will be an unforgettable, magnificent performance of Russians and Germans, German television will broadcast it for German public, “said Frey, adding that they are currently actively preparing the event.
Frey also expressed hope that such musical events will take place more in St. Petersburg in future.
“This corresponds to the tradition started by Catherine II during her imperial balls held at the end of every summer,” he noted. The artistic director of the Dresden Opera Ball did not tell the names of the artists performing in St Pete in August.

On Saturday St Petersburg movie studio “Lenfilm” showed the recoding of Dresden Opera Ball broadcast from Semper Opera House. Among the honored guests of the event in Germany were Prince of Monaco Albert II, actor Alain Delon and the Russian national football team coach St Cherchesov.
Historically St Petersburg has been the cultural capital of Russia. Naturally, there is no better place in Russia to home the Dresden opera ball. Citizens are now expecting the start of the tickets’s sale.

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