Feb 08

David Duchovny in St Petersburg

David Duchovny performing in St Petersburg

The famous American actor and musician will present his large solo program at the Cosmonaut Club in St Petersburg, Russia. Today, on Friday, February the 8th, a famous American actor and musician will perform in St Pete.
Since 2015, Duchovny has been developing his music moving around blues, rock and country styles. The upcoming concert will take place as a part of a big tour in support of the new, already the third album which is being released at the moment.

Representatives of David Duchovny have carried negotiations about his show in Russia for about a year. On Thursday, famous Mulder from “The X-Files” had a concert in Moscow. The artist is scheduled to have a concert in Bucharest on February 10th.
All tickets for his concert in St Pete are sold out.

Cosmonaut is a popular local venue for concerts.
Address: 24, Bronnitskaya str.