Feb 01

The 10th anniversary of Hermitage Amsterdam

The 10th anniversary of Hermitage Amsterdam

Over 300 masterpieces from the Hermitage museum will participate in the exhibition dedicated to the 10th Anniversary since the foundation of Hermitage Amsterdam.

It was established by the director of Hermitage Michael Piatrovsky and Crown Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. The museum became unusual, as it has almost no permanent collection. All masterpieces come from the Hermitage for the temporary exhibitions.

Since 2009 more than 30 different exhibitions have been held at Hermitage Amsterdam, in Amstelhof. They have been showing marvelous collections of ancient and modern works of art, Dutch and Flemish paintings from Hermitage, Impressionists and post-Impressionists’ masterpieces, Russian church art treasuries, porcelain sets and a lot more.

In 2019 to mark the 10-year history of Hermitage Amsterdam treasuries from both main complex and repository of St Petersburg Hermitage will travel to Amsterdam. They will include works by such outstanding masters as Rembrandt, Bernini, Da Vinci, Fabre, Matisse and others. Furthermore, there will be pre-historical works of art from Ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt on display.

The exhibition is called “Treasury! Masterpieces of the Hermitage”. It will last from 2nd February till 25th August.

The world renowned Hermitage possesses one of the wealthiest art collections in the world. It has few branches scattered in different countries of the world. And these days Hermitage discussed the future of another one-Hermitage- Barcelona foundation. It seems to become a very interesting and ambitious project.