Jan 28

A painting by Kuindzhi missing from Tretyakov gallery

“Ai Petri. Crimea” painting made by Kuinzhi is missing from the Tretyakov gallery

A masterpiece created by Kuindzhi is believed to be stolen from Moscow Tretyakov gallery. The museum started an exhibition of his paintings in October 2018. It shows over 120 paintings coming from the best art galleries of Russia: the Tretyakov Gallery itself, State Russian museum, smaller art museums of other cities.

On the 27th January some visitors claimed that Kuindzhi’s “Ai Petri. Crimea” was missing.
We may assume that this has happened during the day time. Moreover, this happened on the 27th January which is the birthday of Kuindzhi. Is this a coincidence?

The museum experts claim it’s cost to be about $ 182 000. Kuindzhi’s paintings are highly appreciated by collectors and can be sold at a very good price. Last year one of them was sold at a price of 1 million USD.

Kuindzhi is considered to be one of the most brilliant Russian artists of the XIX century. He was an amazing landscape master who became mostly well known for the unique depiction of light.
He skillfully played with paint, colour and light to make it real. The master studied discoveries in chemistry in order to use them in his work.

His art is loved by Russians and this would be a great loss for the country’s art collection. We do hope that the painting will come back to the art exhibition.
However, it has not been found yet.