Jan 28

Crimean Sight by Kuindzhi is back!

A missing painting by Arkhip Kuindzhi has been already found!

A missing masterpiece by Kuindzhi depicting a sight of Crimea has been recently found. Kuindzhi’s painting reported to be stolen from the Tretyakov gallery yesterday just in front of the eyes of many witnesses is now claimed to have been returned.

On Sunday evening a young man approached the wall with a painting and took an exhibit with him. It all happened just in front of a crowd of confused visitors. At first, majority thought he was a museum’s employee, but soon they realised that was a theft.

However, it has recently been reported that a thief was captured. It turned out that the suspect had been previously detained by police for drugs. A painting was hidden by the thief in one of construction sites of Moscow district Odinzovo. He did not admit his fault.

It is clear now that Kuindzhi’s painting is not coming back to the Tretyakov Gallery, but it will be delivered to St Petersburg, back to its home museum- State Russian museum. Besides, museum will reinforce the security measures so avoid similar situations in future. Furthermore, all paintings will be provided with special electronical sensors.

As a result of this ridiculous heist Russian Ministry of Culture ordered to check security measures in other art galleries.