Jan 27

Aerolift in St Petersburg

Aerolift-the first air balloon in St Petersburg, Russia

In 2018 the first permanent helium-filled air balloon “Aerolift” appeared in St Petersburg, Russia. Rising to the height of 150 meters (460 feet), it offers an amazing view overlooking the city. Functioning all year round, it is claimed to be the only attraction of this type in Europe operating even in wintertime.

Aerolift is located near the famous cruise Aurora, just by the hotel “Saint Petersburg”, very close to the Neva river. So that rising to the air you will enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city’s main waterway. Moreover, this location allows you to see not only the main sights of St Petersburg center, but also its residential part, the Gulf of Finland and some modern architecture like new stadium and famous Gazprom tower.

The balloon can accommodate up 17 persons. It operates daily during the light time. In winter this can rather limited due to short days. However, in summer you can enjoy rides even late in the evening because of St Petersburg white nights.

Mind that flights totally depends on weather. The rides can be cancelled due to weather conditions, mainly because of strong wind. We recommend you to check the availability of air balloon rides by calling Aerolift personnel (find the contact details below).

If you want to enjoy a beautiful panorama of St Petersburg and you are not afraid of heights this little air adventure is certainly for you!

Contact details: 5/2 Pirogovskaya embankment, Ploshad Lenina metro station (red line)-in front of Hotel Saint Petersburg.

To check the flights please call+7 (812) 317-73-07

To get a guided tour of St Petersburg please see the options or contact us to customize a tour for you.