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Amber museum of Alexander Krylov

Amber museum in St Petersburg

Amber museum of Alexander Krylov was launched in St Petersburg oldest department store – Gostiny Dvor. Predominantly, the exhibition features masterpieces created by the Alexander Krylov – a well-known Russian amber master, jeweler, restorer. The artist spent almost 25 years recreating a significant part of the Amber room in Catherine palace. Alexander also restored a large part of the amber art works from main Russian museums as well as a whole range of items in art galleries and private collections in Serbia and Germany.

Alexander Krylov is also known for innumerous works of art: for making famous diminished Amber replica of St Isaac’s cathedrals- St Petersburg top attraction; creating a series of icons combining amber, wood and ivory (e.g. for the Kremlin rooms). He is even going to make the entire iconostasis of amber.

Today Krylov creates fascinating pieces of art perfectly combining amber with metal, bone, pearls, wood and semi-precious stones. Visiting his museum you will find a real functioning amber violin, beautiful caskets, icons, cups, vases, small plastic, miniature sculpture, goblets, frames and Easter eggs –all made of renowned Baltic amber.

The exhibition can be divided into 3 parts. The first one displays bass relief portraits of famous people – Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Da Vinci, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh–some experimental works by Krylov. Krylov brilliantly revealed the face likeness of these prominent people.

The second part shows a number of beautiful Russian icons and Easter gifts. The museum demonstrates both large temple and home icons, various Easter eggs. The artist wanted to demonstrate not only skillfully made jewelry but also paintings made of “sun stone”.

The other part represents authentic art works of the XIX -XX centuries, including the Kremlin ink device manufactured in 1948, smoking pipes and cigarette holders created by masters from Europe.

The brand new museum also tells about the revival of the Amber room. An entire section shows the replicas of certain decorative elements of amber panels and historical photographs. Moreover, it features a 20 time diminished model of the famous interior.

Alexander Krylov was given a range of different awards, e.g. special prize-the Order of Honor and the medal of the Russian Academy of Fine arts.

However, he never stops … The master works with amber in different styles, genres, techniques. Having enormous creative potential he is in constant search for new ideas trying to reveal more and more beauties of his beloved material – Amber. His incredible talent impresses locals so greatly, that every art lover knows his name. We expect him to create more and more of stunning masterpieces to amaze us with his new wonders.

Address: Nevsky pr.,35, A, Gostiny dvor, first floor of Perinnaya line

Working hours: 11-20, daily, except for Monday.

Amber museum in St Petersburg
Amber museum in St Petersburg. Playing violin
model of the Amber room