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Faberge museum

Faberge museum

On the 19th of November 2013 the first and the only Faberge museum was opened in St. Petersburg.

It represents the largest in the world collection created by the most famous Russian jeweller, Carl Faberge, including 13 Faberge Easter eggs created in his workshop in St. Petersburg. 9 of them were specially commissioned by the two last Russian emperors: Alexander III and Nicolas II.

The collection displayed in the museum belongs to the Link of the Times Foundation established by a Russian businessman Victor Vekselberg. In 2004 the Russian businessman acquired the collection of Faberge artworks from Malcolm Forbes. Thus, amazing Faberge Easter eggs once made for the Russian royal family finally came back to St. Petersburg.

Apart from fabulous Easter eggs there are plenty of other works of art created in the workshop of Faberge and other jewelers: the largest in the world collection of Faberge enamels, a significant number of jewelry made by the masters of his workshop and his followers, Russian silverware, amazing Russian icons and many more other gorgeous masterpieces of art created by the most outstanding jewelers of the past.

Since the date of its foundation, the Link of Times has been purchasing works of art and today the collection numbers over 4000 exhibits. The renovated interiors of the Shuvalov palace where art of Faberge is exhibited create a perfect background for the masterpieces of Jewelry.

Each item represented there is not only a masterpiece of art but also tells you a story about reign and private life of 2 last rulers of the Russian Empire.

Those amazing Eater eggs witnessed a lot of historical events and thus, can help you to get a better understanding of the history of Russia in general.

Rules and admission tickets of Faberge museum

In 2016 it became possible to walk in the museum on your own.

One can simply buy a ticket and get an audio guide inside the museum any day except Friday.

If you are a group of tourists you can get a group tour with our licensed guides in the Faberge museum.

Faberge requires a group ticket (15-persons) to be purchased no matter how big/small your group is.

That is why it makes sense only if you group is large.

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