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Metro of St Petersburg

Metro of St Petersburg

Many tourists come to St. Petersburg to admire magnificent palaces, visit historical museums, appreciate the beauty of rivers and parks, to get a feel of the romance of midnight sun… If you travel on a budget, you may not have enough time to visit all the highlights of the city, unless you take the metro of St Petersburg, which is a highlight itself…On any of our private tours we are glad to show you the most incredible metro stations of St Petersburg: the real underground palaces!

Metro of St Petersburg

After its opening on November 15, 1955, St Petersburg metro became the Second largest underground system in USSR after Moscow. Metro of St. Petersburg is like the giant artery, connecting almost all parts of the city. It is unique, as it passes not only underground, but also under the water! Five lines of St Petersburg metro intersect the Neva River. Thus, the underground of St Pete is the deepest metro in Russia. The depth is on average about 57 meters. The deepest metro station in St Petersburg is called Admiralteiskaya or Admiralty: it’s the depth is about 90 meters.

Among all the means of public transport in St Petersburg metro is the most important. Every day it brings around about 3 million passengers. Not only that it is an essential part of life, but its stations are incredibly beautiful! In no other country but in Russia you may find so many gorgeous metro stations! It seems that Stalin (who headed Soviet Union at that time built his underground palaces for common people of the Soviet Russia to feel like royalties.. and they probably did..and definitely still do…

Mosaics of Avtovo metro station in St Petersburg


Narvskaya metro station St Petersburg

Taking a metro ride you may admire some beautiful stations like Avtovo, Narvskaya, Pushkinskaya, Admiratleyskaya… They are distinguished with luxurious architectural and artistic decorations that harmoniously fit into the historical look of the city. Chandeliers, bass-reliefs, is hard to tell:is it just metro or a palace interior..?))

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