May 21

Night boat trip

Enjoy the views of St. Petersburg canals and rivers taking a night boat trip…See 2-3 bridges across the Neva river being lifted up..Feel the atmophere of white nights -our favourite time of the year.

St. Petersburg is well-known for its white nights. The white nights’ period lasts from May till August. But the real white nights are from the middle of June till the middle of July. The longest day is the 22nd of June. The sun does not go deep enough beyond the horizon for the sky get dark. There are just a couple of hours of twilight and then it is getting light again!)

This period is famous as the most romantic time of the year. And St. Petersburg is the most romantic city in Russia. The white nights’ period coincides with navigation period in St. Petersburg.

Historically famous trade routes from Scandinavian counties to the Black sea passed through the lands around St. Petersburg, and through its main river-the Neva river. Even today the river is used for navigation and like hundreds years ago the trade boats pass under the bridges at night. Every night during the summer time the bridges are lifted up and i reccommend you to see the lifting-up of the bridges.

Information about the tour.

  • pick-up from the hotel
  • get to the boat pier
  • at 00.00 take a boat and have 1-hour ride along the river and canals
  • by 01.00 reach the Neva river and see the lifting of the bridges which start from 01.20
  • total duration of the boat trip is 2 hours
  • Tour by a private boat
  • drop-off at the hotel

If you are interested please ask me for assistance.

For further information please contact us!