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Pavlovsk palace

Pavlovsk palace

If you want to take a step back in time and have a glimpse of the royal way of living, so to say, we definitely recommend you visit the Pavlovsk Palace.

You could also visit the Catherine palace, which is just a few miles away, in Pushkin, but the two just can’t be compared. While the former comes with a more official image, so to speak, the Pavlovsk Palace is clearly much more romantic and fit for you and your significant other.

The History of Pavlovsk Palace

Back in 1777, Pavlovsk Palace was presented as a gift by Catherine the Great to her son, who is now known to history as Emperor Paul the First. This was to mark the birth of his son, future Emperor Alexander I.

Soon after being presented with such a gift, Paul and his wife, Maria, ventured to Europe in order to acquire works of art for the decoration of their palace. Moreover, Maria even designed and decorated a number of palace interiors herself, thus making Pavlovsk Palace convey the couple’s personality and interests.

After the Revolution of 1917, the palace was turned into a museum. However, it was not long until the building’s tranquility was shattered, as the Nazis have taken control over the area during World War II and looted and destroyed many of its treasures.

However, the palace meant too much for its beauty to be abandoned. Thus, a 20 year-long process of restoration began. What we are able to see today is the result of a tedious reconstruction process, based on original designs and broken fragments of works of art.

The Unique Beauty of Pavlovsk Park

Located in St. Petersburg, Pavlovsk Palace is the biggest man-made park in Europe – the entire region comprises a territory of over 600 hectares. Pavlovsk Park, as well as the palace, are a must-see if you are anywhere near them.

In terms of design, the most prominent architects of the 18th-century Europe have put their soul into the palace’s beauty. Designed in the English style as well, the park is home to a number of statues, small bridges, monuments, and architectural pavilions.

As mentioned before, there is certainly a difference between Pavlovsk and Catherine Palaces. Pavlovsk Palace comes with a country mansion vibe, making anyone who visits it more relaxed, homey, and able to truly connect with the place itself.

If you want to visit a lovely, but more formal palace, then we recommend the Catherine Palace, with its world-renowned Amber Room. However, if you want to discover, feel, and explore the beauty of the past as if you were a part of it, then we advise you stop by Pavlovsk Palace.

Where Romanticism Blooms

Once you go inside Pavlovsk Palace, you will step inside history itself – lavishly decorated interiors, opulence, the picturesque English-style park, and the fascinating history that surrounds it.

As you finish bathing your eyes with the interior of the palace, it’s time for you to step outside and take a walk through the park – have your significant other’s arm in yours and explore the surroundings.

Stop by every statue and monument and learn their history. Naturally, as the sun begins to set, make sure to walk under the many pavilions that you will find in your way.

How can you end such a beautiful day? Well, in a traditional Russian manner – namely, with a Troika ride around the park, to see it one more time and have it imprinted in your memory forever.

Pavlovsk Palace can be found on Sadovaya St. 20, Pavlovsk, St. Petersburg, Russia. You can let us manage every organizational detail for you and book a tour with us so that you can enjoy this amazing palace with no other worries in mind.

Pavlovsk palace
Bedroom of Pavlovsk palace
Throne room of Pavlovsk palace