Feb 21

Russian sauna: follow the traditions

Russian sauna. Essential tips before visiting

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Russian sauna still has a high popularity among Russians. Do not miss a chance to folow the tradition and visit one of those famous Russian bathhouses. Find here some important tips before your visit.

  • Wear a comfortable suit. Please be sure that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing while visiting Russian sauna; avoid wearing bath suits with metal details as they can really get hot in high banya temperatures.
  • Do not forget to take a towel and a robe ( or get it on spot as most saunas provide their clients with robes). Wooden benches in sauna can be really hot and sometimes even towels do not help to protect your poor backside.
  • Do not forget to get one of those funny felt hats. It is a tradition in Russian to use this type of accessories while seating in banya. Felt hats are so cute and adorable and, what is more they play a very important role-you definitely need to have one to protect your hair and head from heat!
  • You must get a VENIK! Venik is a bunch of oak or birch branches used in Russian sauna for massage purposes. It has great healthy benefits and helps with blood circulation, makes your skin softer and avoid premature aging of skin. This is the most important part of banya ceremony. We recommend to hire a professional who can do it properly! You can find those man in every bath house and the fee is usually more than affordable.
  • Drink enough water! As you sweat in a sauna you must get enough water to compensate.
  • Visit sauna with someone who is Russian! If this is your first experience, we recommend you to visit Russian banya with a local. Russian person will guide you properly and give good advice how to enjoy it fully and not to feel lightheaded.
  • Do not drink alcohol during visiting sauna. Although Russians themselves break this rule very often, they sometimes even have alcohol drinks inside banya, it is not the right way to do.
  • Have nice dinner afterwards.

If you like to have Russian sauna as a part of your tour in St Petersburg please contact us!