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Scarlet sails in St Petersburg

Scarlet Sails

When thinking about festivals in St. Petersburg, Russia, we have to mention about the famous Scarlet Sails Festival. It is considered one of the best festivals in the world, with thousands of people becoming a part of it every year. It celebrates love, youth, dreams, and much more. Should you want to attend this very special event please also check private tours in St Petersburg to find out more about its attractions.
At its core, Scarlet Sails’ purpose is to congratulate high school graduates on the beginning of their new life journey as adults. Over the years, the festival has been steadily gaining popularity. In 2007, more than one million people attended it, while in 2010 more than 3 million people were there to see the show.

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The History of Scarlet Sails

The first time the festival took place dates as far back as 1968, with more than 25,000 school graduates joining in. Naturally, it became a hit and, nowadays it’s a worldwide-known phenomenon.
Its concept is based on Alexander Grin’s fairy tale with the same name. At first, it was supposedly meant to update the revolutionary propaganda. However, in time, the festival became a demonstration of freedom from rules and schools. Now, it is the world’s most famous event when it comes to celebrating the end of the school year.

What Can You Expect?
If you are in St. Petersburg during the White Nights Festival, then you must attend Scarlet Sails. Actually, you don’t have a chance not to, since the entire city will be waiting for it to happen.
The festival itself consists of two parts – a big concert taking place in Dvortsovaya Square, and then a show on the Neva River. However, please keep in mind that only school graduates with a valid invitation can attend the concert in Dvortsovaya Square.
Sill, given the festival’s popularity, a second stage, on Vasilievsky Island, has been put up. Here, everyone can join and enjoy the concert while waiting for the event.
Once the concert is over, the light and water show will begin. This can be seen from the banks of the Neva River and the bridges near Dvortsovaya Square, Peter and Paul Fortress, and the Hermitage.
The Neva River will be bathed in the lights of pyrotechnics, the sounds of the orchestra, water shows, and many more for about 30 minutes. As this part comes to a close, the second part of the festival, the Scarlet Sails themselves will make their appearance.

The Scarlet Sails Fireworks

With an amazing display of fireworks in St. Petersburg comes the ship that carries the scarlet sails.
The festival reaches its peak as a ship under scarlet sails makes its way across the river, synchronizing its movements with the music and all of the show’s other elements. In short, its crew must make sure that the ship reaches every milestone on time, or else the festival’s timing will be off.
Naturally, not every ship is fit to be the symbol of the festival – currently, the Swedish Tre Kronor is the proud carrier of the scarlet sails. We can only imagine what the crew must be thinking, knowing that around 3 million people are watching their ship perform.

Scarlet sails' festivalWhen to Be Here?
The Scarlet Sails Festival usually takes place between the 15th and the 25th of June – if you happen to visit St. Petersburg around that period, you can’t really miss the show.
However, remember to dress properly and come early if you want to find a good spot to enjoy the view!

Pictures provided by Mikhail Kisterev

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