Bicycle tour of parks and residences

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Private tours

Private tour for your party

Hotel cruise pick-up and drop -off

Hotel pick-up and drop -off

Duration of the tour 6 hours (3-hour ride)

Duration is 6 hours (3-hour ride)

Entry fees to the park included

Good quality equipment

Visit Pavlovsk park or Alexandria

Choose Pavlovsk park OR Alexandria

Optional visit to palace*

Optional visit to palace*

What is included?

  • Private tour guide service
  • Private van for 6 hours
  • Tickets to Alexandria park or Pavlovsk park
  • Bicycles &helmets
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Why take a bicycle tour?

Tired of crowds and herds of tourists in museums and palaces? Well, we fully understand you =))

Parks and residences of St Petersburg suburbs are visited by many tourists today, however the majority of tourists primarily visit palaces and just shortly see the palace grounds so there are many nice, green and quiet parks which still remain unexplored by most of visitors.

However, there are many beautiful architectural structures of different styles such as small pavilions, bathhouses, ancient sculptures to amaze visitors.

One of the best ways to explore parks of Royal residences is to take a bicycle tour. We offer you relaxing bicycle tours around the most famous summer parks of the Romanov family in the past such as Peterhof (Alexandria park), Pavlovsk, Pushkin. Peter the Great introduced parks for pleasure and they became important part of everyday life of nobilities and royal family.

Instead of crowds in the museums enjoy nice and peaceful atmosphere of palace grounds, see little lovely pavilions and have a nice ride in very picturesque sceneries.

A bicycle tour can be combined with a visit to a small pavilion or if you want a palace: Cottage in Alexandria ( summer residence of Nicolas I and Alexandra ), Pavlovsk palace in Pavlovsk.

Your comfort is our priority

  • For you convenience we always provide free bottles of water and rain coats.
  • Please check the weather forecast before leaving the hotel/cruise. Umbrellas are recommended
  • For you to enjoy the palaces (if you decide to visit them ) skip-the-line tickets will be ordered.
  • Please mind that in the summer tickets have to be booked in advance.
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