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Hotel pick-up and drop -off

Hotel pick-up and drop -off

Duration of the tour is 6 hours

Duration of the tour is 6 hours

Transportation: by private car/van

Transportation: by private car/van

Grand palace, Lower park, Grottoes

Grand palace, Lower park, Grottoes

Optional extra: hydrofoil ride

Optional extra: hydrofoil ride

What is included?

  • Private tour with expert guide
  • Comfortable A/C car or van
  • Tickets to the Grand Palace
  • Tickets to the Grottoes
  • Tickets to the Lower park with fountains
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Why visit Peterhof palace and park?

Peterhof (Petrodvorets) is a name, which refers to a small town on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Located just an hour drive south–west from St Petersburg, it is famous for its incredible museum complex, so-called Russia’s capital of Fountains: Grand Palace and Lower park with 150 amazing fountains. A part of the UNESCO cultural heritage list it is a must-see when visiting Saint Petersburg.

Peterhof museum complex is enormous. Its main highlights are Lower Garden with Grand cascade and Grand palace, the Upper garden (free public park), Monplaisir palace of Peter the Great, Marly palace and Hermitage Pavilion. Apart from these, Peterhof can surprise the most sophisticated visitors by offering them to visit the Bathblock pavilion, cottage of Nicolas the first and his family in park of Alexandria , Grottoes of the Grand Cascade and a lot more.

Peterhof fountains and parks

Majority of locals and visitors associate the name Peterhof mainly with amazing fountains in the Lower and Upper Parks. Parks are fabulous: just imagine gilded statues decorating fountains with streams of water rushing out high in the sky, surrounded with vivid green well-trimmed bushes, with gilded domes of the Grand palace in the background…

The Russian Emperor Peter the First founded this incredible beauty in the early XVIII. He started his “Russian Versailles” after a trip to France where he had seen the magnificent residences of French royalties. Being the most ambitious ruler in the history of Russian Empire he wanted to rival best European royal parks.

Thus, he commissioned to lay out an ornate garden, decorate it with fountains, cascades and European statues. His successors enriched it with other gorgeous fountains and structures. Gradually Lower garden of Peterhof became such a beautiful place that a lot of visitors claim it is even better than Versailles.

Peterhof Grand Palace

Should you visit the Grand palace you going to be amazed with opulence of its interiors and authentic pieces of art exhibited inside.

Originally a small and modest palace of Peter the Great (called today Grand palace) was later turned by the emperor’s successors into a gorgeous residence. According to the favorite style of Elizabeth the palace was decorated in lavish and opulent baroque style. Gilded carvings, wonderful furniture, beautiful ceiling paintings, porcelain and what not.. The palace became one of the gems of St Petersburg suburbs.

Second World War period

Unfortunately, during the WWII Nazi occupied the town of Peterhof. The palace was blown up, the gardens were destroyed too.

The palace was nearly built anew during the post-war period. However, before the war the museum workers had evacuated most precious art pieces to the East of Russia. After the palace was restored the collections of authentic furniture, porcelain, clocks, paintings, private belongings of the Romanovs were all safely returned back to the interiors.

Tour of Peterhof

It would never be an exaggeration to say that Peterhof is a real gem located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Its golden statues and ornate gardens, small and pretty pavilions, Grand palace and world famous Grand cascade will amaze the most experienced travelers. Visiting Peterhof gives you an idea of Imperial grandeur and wealth in Russia in the XVIII century.

The fountains of Russian Versailles together with splendor of Grand palace will make your visit to Peterhof an unforgettable trip! Taking Peterhof private tour allows you not only to enjoy the beauty of Imperial palace, parks and pavilions but also to learn the endless history of this place.

Taking tour to Peterhof will safe your time greatly as we always provide our clients with skip-the-line tickets. Our experienced guides will show you some less touristic places of Peterhof for you to fully enjoy it and make most of your day there!

Your comfort is our priority

  • We always provide you with free bottle of water and raincoats.
  • Please check the weather forecast. You may need umbrellas.
  • For your convenience during the high season (May-September) tickets to Grand palace have to be prebooked in advance.
  • If you have short time in St. Petersburg we recommend you to take Catherine palace (Pushkin) and Peterhof tour and you will visit 2 most famous residences of the Romanov family within one day.

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