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Private tours

Private tour for your party

Hotel pick-up or meet by the Hermitage

Hotel pick-up

Duration of the tour 6 hours (3-hour ride)

Duration of the tour is 6 hours

Transportation: walking

Transportation: walking

Visit 2 most beautifl cathedrals

Visit 2 most beautiful cathedrals

Enjoy main sights and hidden gems

Enjoy main sights and hidden gems

What is included?

  • Private tour with expert guide
  • Metro tickets
  • Tickets to St Isaac’s cathedral ( Wednesday is day-off)
  • Tickets to the Church of the Saviour on spilled blood ( Wednesday is day-off)
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Explore city on a walking tour

During the tour you will explore all must-sees of St Petersburg located in the centre of the city:

  • Palace square with the world-famous buildings of the Hermitage museum
  • Winter palace and the Neva river enbankment
  • Winter canal and Milleonnaya streetamazing views of Russian Venice
  • Nevsky prospect -the main avenue of the city
  • Malaya sadovaya street -the pederstian street of the downtown
  • Eliseev’ s Food hall -the historical grocery store
  • Griboedov canal and the Moika river with beautiful bridges
  • the famous Bank bridge with amazing view of the Church of the Savior on spilled blood
  • the Church of the Savior on spilled blood (visit included)
  • amazing fence of Michael’s garden
  • Kazan cathedral with a free visit
  • Gostiny dvor (merchant’s yard) -the most famous department store of St. Petersburg
  • Arts’ square
  • Have an optional break – a small break in the Russian pie place Stolle– a very local and reasonable place with traditional Russian cuisine.
  • St. Isaac’s square(visit included)
  • monument to Nicolas the I, St. Isaac cathedral
  • Monument to Peter the Great-Bronze Horseman
  • have a metro ride and see first metro stations built in the Soviet times and richly decorated.

Your comfort is our priority

  • Please check the weather forecast. You may need an umbrella!
  • You are welcome to customize this tour and add axtra visit to the Hermitage (min 2 hours req.)

Tour rates

Total per tours in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
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of guests
Total rate
for whole family/party
1 10 000 RUB
2 12 000 RUB
3 14 000 RUB
4 16 000 RUB
5 18 000 RUB
6 20 000 RUB
> 6 Check the rate

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