Full day city tour with visit to cathedrals

1-Day tour of St Petersburg

  • Best options to spend a great day in St Petersburg
  • Duration 10 hours
  • Private tours only

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Catherine palace (Pushkin ) tour

2-Day tour of St Petersburg

  • Two day St Petersburg experience
  • Both city and its suburbs
  • Duration 18 hours
  • Private tours only

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St Petersburg night tour

3-Day tour of St Petersburg

  • All main sights
  • Both city and suburbs
  • Duration 24 hours
  • Private tours only

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Booking shore excursions with tour guide in St Petersburg

Traveling by cruise always gives you a chance to visit a lot of countries. Crusing the Baltic sea allows you to see Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia. Majority of cruise ships start in Copenhagen, stop in wonderful Stockholm, visit medieval Tallinn, visit a town Warenmude which is close to famous Berlin; stay overnight in magnificent St Petersburg! A lot of visitors love Saint Petersburg and say it is #1 travel destination in Europe! Arriving by cruise and booking shore excursions allows passengers see the most incredible city of Russia and avoid all Russian visa related issues.

If you arrive by cruise ship to Saint Petersbug and take a guided tour you will visit the city visa free! Just imagine: no paperwork, no piles of documents to fill in, no bureaucracy! Visas to Russia are often difficult to get. Cruising gives you a unique chance to avoid all visa related troubles!

Planning a tour, finding a car to rent, buying museum entrance tickets-all these can be very complicated. Especially in Russia. If you book a shore tour with you personal tour guide you will not have to worry about anything. We developed wonderful itineraries for you just to enjoy your time in our wonderful city!

Just choose a tour or customize it with us via email! Let us work for you make most of your one, two or three days in Saint Petersburg.

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