Guide Maria. Language: English

Hello, dear visitors!

My name is Maria. I have been working as an English guide both with groups and individual tourists for 9 years. in my work i prefer small groups and individuals because of personal approach of the tour. I always try to adapt the tour to my clients’ expectations and requests making it really unique.

I love traveling myself and the more I travel the more I understand the needs of my clients. This helps me in my work a lot. We always keep in touch with my ex-clients and sometimes meet each other in different parts of the world. I love the fact that people we work with are so different!

My other passion is photography. All pictures on the website are mine. If you love photography I would be happy to show you the best spots for taking photos of St. Petersburg and its sites from both classical and unusual perspectives and angles.

Maria has that sixth sense to understand people ,to know what interests them and what does not.whether to stay and browse or to move on more quickly.Maria has travelled the World visiting many places by herself. She is addicted to travel and consequently is an amazingly interesting person to converse with….


Professor, Dr. Bernard Harrison, England. E.Mail [email protected]