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Eliseyev Emporium

Eliseyev Emporium

Dear visitors, today we would like to tell you about one of the most amazing grocery stores in St. Petersburg –Eliseyev Emporium or Eliseevs’ Food hall. (Kupetz Eliseevs’ Emporium)

Eliseev Emporium is not a simple grocery store; it is a specialty store where citizens and guests can get meat and fish delicacies, local hand-made chocolate, cheese, homemade bakery, desserts, exquisite alcohol, and nice little gifts.

What is more it is a food hall where you can order nice meals and have proper lunch/ dinner in one of its restaurants; or just have coffee with fresh bakery or desserts in the stunning atmosphere of its interior siting right in the middle of the store.

Located in the very heart of St. Petersburg built in art-nouveau style it became one of beloved places of every local.

The History of Eliseev Emporium goes back to the Imperial times when in 1812 a wonderful gardener Pyotr Eliseev, a serf of count Sheremetiev amazed his owner by growing wild strawberry in winter!

The count was so much impressed that he decided to emancipate his serf and gave him money as a reward. Pyotr moved to St. Petersburg and started his business with selling oranges on Nevsky prospect. Eliseev appeared to be a very gifted merchant and gradually his business started to flourish.

His descendants opened a grocery store which remained was under their control till Revolution of 1917. In the days of the Soviet times the local government totally controlled the store!

Within its history Eliseevs Emporium has experienced some rough times but fortunately it has been restored and today it is a must-stop while strolling along the Nevsky prospect.

To visit Eliseevs Emporium as a part of a guided tour check St Petersburg city tour or have a guided walking tour of St Petersburg.

Eliseyev Emporium
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