May 21

Explore Russian national show-museum

Show- museum of Russia

In 2012 a new interactive museum was opened in St Petersburg and has already become a favorite museum among Russians. It is known as Russia national show-museum or as we, locals refer to it, Grand model(“maket” in Russian) of Russia.

The largest show-museum of Russia-why visit?

First of all, Russia national show-museum is an interactive museum. Thus, it is never boring. It represents a miniature copy of Russia, showing its diverse regions, its toy cities and towns, villages, its vast lands and long rivers, its enormous forests and deep lakes.. You will see hundreds of toy people, moving vehicles, trains passing toy Tran-Siberian railway, citizens busy at their jobs. You will explore Russia and its various natural treasuries, its large industrial centers, its cultural cities and towns!

What is more, you will see a miniature copy of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Sochi (where the Winter Olympic games were held in 2014) and other large Russian cities..

You will be able to understand the sizes of Russia! and probably, this will make you travel more in our country!

The show-museum has already become a favorite place among Russian visitors, especially those with kids! If traveling with kids, you may consider this place to be exciting for them to see! Unlike other museums the show-museum can be a relaxing and interesting sight for little ones.

However, not only kids adore interactive museums!

Contact details and working hours:

Take the metro, get to the blue line and head for the south, get off at the station called Moskovskie Vorota. Walk to the Tsvetochnaja str., 16. It will take you about 10 min to get there.

The museum works from 10.00 a.m. till 8.00 p.m. The ticket office closes at 7.15 p.m

Duration of visit -from 1 hour up to 2 hours.

If you prefer we may include visit to the museum into the tour in St. Petersburg.

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