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Tour of Yusupov palace

Tour of the Yusupov palace

„Ra-ra-rasputin, lover of the Russian queen“. Is this something familiar to You? Have you heard this song by Boney M?I am pretty sure you have! Now, would you really like to know the story of that mysterious Russian man? If yes, then the Yusupov palace is definitely a place to visit.

As it happened there, in the basement of the Yusupov palace, that the famous Russian holy man, Rasputin, was murdered.

The last owner of the palace, a member of aristocratic family, Felix Yusupov invited Rasputin for a dinner with him and his wife, Irina Romanova( yes, that very Romanova). Felix tryed to murder Rasputin few times during that dinner …It did not go well originally but eventually, the dead body of Rasputin was discovered in the Neva river some time afterwards…

Felix Yusupov played an important role during the murder..We believe he initiated the plot against Rasputin..But was that just him? and did he in fact make a final shot?

Who was Felix Yusupov by the way?

Yusupovs were nearly the wealthiest Russian noble family. It is still even arguable who was wealthier: the Romanovs or the Yusupovs..

Thus, totally in Russia they possessed 40 palaces. The most famous is the one located on embankment of the Moika River. Beautiful interiors: amazing staircase, an oak-wood dining hall, a wonderful ball room, an exuberant private theatre …Bolsheviks after the Revolution were soo impressed by art collection Yusupovs used to have that they even compared it to the Hermitage collection!

What made a noble, a wealthy person arrange a murder of Rasputin?

There so many questions ..who, how and why..

The mysterious story of Rasputin’s murder makes the Yusupov palace nearly the most interesting place to visit in St Petersburg!

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