May 15

White nights

white nights

Phenomenon of white nights is not unique and it can be seen in many countries in summer time, however, everyone who saw white nights in St. Petersburg claims that there’s no better place to enjoy them!

There is a kind of euphoria when you can stroll along rivers and canals of Saint Petersburg all night long…Withiout having a feeling that it is time to go to bed!

When to see white nights in St. Petersburg?

Few weeks during the summer time from end of June till the end of July are the best to enjoy white nights: the sun simply does not go deep enough for the sky to get darker… there is only a couple of hours of twilight …and then everyone is ready to enjoy the sunrise at 3:40..

what to do during white nights?

First of all, you should climb up to the most amazing observation ground of the city -collonade of St Isaac’s and enjoy an absolutely breathtaking view of St Petersburg from over there. In the summer St Isaac’s works in the evening too: from the 1st May tilll 31 october it works till 22:30. Evening admission is from 18:00-22:30.

Have a nice dinner (or glass of vine) in one of local roof top restaurants: (like Mansarda overlooking St Isaac’s or Terassa with a view of Kazan cathedral and the churh of the Saviour on spilled blood, Moskva restaurant near the Moskow railway station or Koryushka on the territory of St Peter and Paul fortress overlooking the Neva river- the last one is not on a roof though)..

St Petersburg night tour
St-Peterburg`s sky

Then proceed to stroll along the Nevsky prospect, Neva river, other small rivers and canals (like Moika) enjoying amazing architecure of the XIX century and even XVIII century. Architectural ensembles of St Petersburg look even more beautiful in the evening light..white nights give St Petersburg additional charm..

Watch Neva river bridges lifted up to let through cargo boats…

Get to the river Neva embankments to see bridges open or even better take a boat ride to see that famous spectacle from the heart of the midnight city.. See the Palace bridge, then move to the Holy Trinity bridge..These two bridges are lifted up in two different ways. And we are sure you are going to love both of them!

As an alternative to walking you may take a night tour of St Petersburg or a night boat tour.

Get back to the hotel at 3 a.m. and …looking from your hotel’s window see that the sky is getting ready for the sunrise…